Knitting Outside My Zone



I'm knitting a lace scarf for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas…I only have five repeats to go before I can block it and call it done.  I chose a very basic pattern for my first *real* lace project and I can't recommend this one highly enough.  It's called Branching Out and was designed especially for knitters like me, who want to give lace a go.  

I'm almost done with the Woolen Winter Walking Headband for Dan…I must admit that these colors are not at all what I had in mind…and the original is so subtly beautiful, I'm sure I have scandalized the entire colorwork community!   When Dan saw it and loved the colors, I made a mental note to sign us both up for a lesson on color theory…
At any rate, I've learned some new knitting skills and I have *almost* completed two handmade holiday gifts.

::That's a good feeling::


4 Responses to “Knitting Outside My Zone”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    I love that scarf!!! I’m going to go and get that pattern.
    the headband is gorgeous. I’ve only done one item with the pattern knitted right in–it’s hard, man!! Good on you!
    Julie Old Crow

  2. I’m very impressed ! Both scarf and headband are Grown Up knitting and way beyond me . But you seem to be sailing along splendidly .

  3. So much to look at Martha, you’ve all been as busy as bees in my absence. I’m really envious of your knitting skills, the Fairisle headband is a masterpiece. Fairisle is not easy so I reckon you are a natural born knitter. I guess it’s those Scandinavian genes you have. Keep up the good work and happy Halloween. Eli

  4. See, I always told you that I am Norwegian so that explains everything. Can’t figure out why my knitting isn’t better!!! Both projects are beautiful and I know that Meme and Dan will love them.

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