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::gave it three coats of poly today so I can have my kitchen back tomorrow::


Holiday Weekending…

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Plenty of hanging out…time in nature…hours spent knitting…a bit of chaos as the kitchen floor is finished…even an adventure to the movie theatre.

We are all looking forward to the festivities of the Advent Season, which begins today (!!!) though our first official meal and candlelighting will have to wait for tomorrow, when the kitchen floor is finished. 

*fingers crossed*

I Love This Day!

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In the past…Mom and I went shopping all day and all night (seriously…)  But these days, Mom can't, and I greatly dislike shopping (seriously).

I love this day because I pulled off another Thanksgiving…such a relief…today is a day to *loaf* (which I am particularly good at) and

a yarn shop opened up in my town!!!!!   (going to brave the rain and check it out today…maybe…)

Oh!  Plus, we have some of Mémé's apple tart left-over in our fridge  ♥♥♥

Alone in the Car with Dassa

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Me:  So, Dass.  Tell me something.  What are you thankful for?

Dassa:  Ummmm….well, I'm thankful we have a house.

Me:  Oh, me too.  A place to stay warm and dry and…

Dassa:  Actually, I'm thankful for my family.  'Cause you can replace your house, but you can't replace your family.

Me:  (whoa…)



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Fun projects from a festive online workshop I'm taking…


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It really worked!  I made my first mitten!


It's not much use without a mate, so I'd best get back to my knitting…
What fun! 

Life Is Like Cables

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Lots of twists and turns here lately…

Friday, my first *free* day in ages – reserved for Hitty but actually spent caring for two sweet (but not well) daughters.

Finally, some time last night to spend knitting!  Oops…another twist as I spent two hours in the (very) dark woods while Dan tried to find his keys.  Said drama ended with a tow truck.

Things will twist back around today - It's just me and my needles!  Oh…and the Mount Everest of laundry piles.

Hitty is peeking out of the china cabinet.  I'm sure I just heard her call, "Hello?!  Anyone out there?"