Wild Fibers

It all started with this postNeedled is a great blog for those who love to knit, love the outdoors, and are interested in (or perhaps love?) the history of fiber.  It's all there.  Sooo…when I read Kate Davies' post about cashmere (the one linked above) I had one of those moments of enlightenment I'm not often privy to…You see, I had fallen in love with the idea of her Woolen Winter Walking Wardrobe (wwww) and proceeded to knit her band (aka wwwww#1).  I loved every minute of it, too.  Then I read her post.  And I think I missed her point somewhere between falling in love with the wwww and knitting the first item.  I purchased yarn for said band in the fiber I love the most – merino wool.  Some silk is in the lining, too.  Drat – there's some nylon in the yarn used for the colorwork.  While the silk still goes along with Kate's vision of it being made of entirely *natural* materials, I'm pretty certain the nylon disqualifies it.


I also think the colorwork should have been in Shetland Wool, to maintain the integrity of the wwww.  Am I overthinking this?  Perhaps.  (And thankfully, Kate doesn't have a wwww police!)  But go ahead and read Kate's post.  And if it causes you to have an enlightening moment, as it did me, then wow!  Check this out:

Picnik collage

Wild Fibers Magazine.  Such a fascinating look at the how, who and why of fibers all over the world.  It takes you to places you will probably never *physically* go, with gorgeous photograpy and inspiring articles.  I love learning about people and their cultures – right now I'm reading the article on felting and rugs in Turkey, "Whirling Dervishes and Wet Wool."  This is good stuff.  I'm looking at yarn in a new way.  Already, the Hittys are knitting with the Shetland Wool (from New England, even…nice.)

I need to make another wwwww#1 for Dan…all wool colorwork this time ♥


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  1. Thanks for sharing the Needled blog…it has a nice layout and lots of information.

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