What Just Happened?!

Jeepers, were we ever thrown onto an emotional rollercoaster this week…


While we love our house, we have always known that the time would come when we would be ready to move on.  It's a large house, and the way we live…well it is just too big and we simply don't use it all.  We desire less indoor space, and more outdoor space.  And this past week we found a house that just may have fit the bill.  In the end though, it didn't.  New plan: Dan looks first.  If it gets the thumbs up, then the rest of us will check it out.  Less emotions involved that way.  Because while I do believe in expressing yourself openly and really allowing yourself to feel your emotions – good and bad – this was too much for all the female members of the family.  (That's 80% of us…)


We have a two year window where we can move within our town without much upheaval in the girls' lives.  There are a couple handfuls of *perfect* houses here.  And if it is meant to be, I'm sure it will be.
To soothe my nerves, help arrived:


Sweets from England!  They are hidden away, to be rationed out slowly, over many moons.  In the meantime, here's to hoping my teeth don't all rot out!  (I love the Hawicks Balls – pronounced "Hoicks" – from Scotland.)


And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… 


4 Responses to “What Just Happened?!”

  1. Julie Old Crow Says:

    I couldn’t take it–I can see why you needed help in the form of luscious candies!!
    Julie Old crow

  2. I was having an anxious time waiting for whatever news was coming…I am sorry that your hopes were dashed. But more wonderful things are brewing, I have no doubt!
    Lovely sweeties…could always use a box of Turkish Delight (Rose is my fav) from Harrods…BTW, pop over to their website for a little amusement.

  3. Oh I’m surprised the house is too big. You know what happened to us…when we moved up to Alaska and Bob retired we thought small but to our surprise we were wrong. We need large because we get family here and need lots of guest rooms and we’re inside more in this climate so we need room for hobbies indoors. We’ll be adding a four room addition in May next year.

  4. Lucky you Martha, I adore house hunting as long as its for me!! You have some gorgeous homes in New England so I look forward to seeing what you find. Keep us posted, I can’t wait!

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