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Sunday at the Box Office

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Movie Posters by Dassa♥


A Visit With Hitty

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.:it has become frigid outdoors, so the Hittys have donned their cozy flannels.  doll play and chit-chat, coupled with hot chocolate breaks – that's what the Hittys will be doing this weekend.  humans, too, I expect:. 


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 .:I'm loving the crystally-ness of this picture, though it would seem that Mother Nature has changed her mind about an early spring.  well, the groundhog may have something to say about that in a few days…or not:.


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.:inspired by the goings-on over at tollipop, I decided to revisit the nirvana that is this amazing bread.  now I am pacing in front of a beautiful loaf, wishing tater would
hurry-the-heck-up-and-get-home so we can eat it!  'cause you shouldn't break bread alone, should you?:.


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.:plenty of snow on the ground this morning.  not anymore.  wind and rain-a-plenty today has left us with tiny rivers flowing everywhere and piles of dirty snow around the perimeters of anything plowable.  it has been dark, which I love.  pitter stayed home and took over the couch (migraine) while I putzed and discovered that indeed we do have a counter under all that stuff that was in the kitchen:.

Happy Birthday, Hitty!

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Miss VanDroo and the Hittys are having a quiet celebration today, beginning with a reading of the Birthday Doll and ending with some birthday cake.  Happy Birthday, Mehitabel Preble!


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.:yesterday, Tater and I made lasagnas, side-by-side.  it was a fun, spontaneous moment.  we froze mine.  her's was delicious.  the house smelled wonderful:.