A Visit With Hitty

Hitty Jean arrived home and unpacked her bags right away.  She feels such joy to be back where she belongs, safe and sound.  Of course she did have a Grand Adventure, but there is no place like home.  She can't stop smiling when she thinks about all the fun she and Hitty March will have together in 2010:


Perhaps she will even let Hitty March peek inside the  journal she kept during her exploits.  Perhaps…


Here's Hitty March now!  Oh, but they have so much to talk about!


I think it's going to be a day full of hugs, stories, and a generous sprinkling of giggles.
***********    ***********    ***********
Thank you so much, friend, for assuring Hitty Jean's safe return.  Thank you also to Merry Pecksniff, who has unwittingly created a warm empathy in the Hitty Community.  ♥


6 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty”

  1. I recognise that quilt . The tiny little dolls are perfect ! Did you make them yourself ?
    In fact the whole room is beautiful and I want to move in right now !

  2. Sadly, no…I didnt make the dolls myself! I wish I had such talent!! :o)
    Yes! The quilt is yours and I just love it! Love the latest one, too. Thank you soooo much for sharing your talent.
    Please! Move in! HittyJean is in a very good mood…
    Take Care,

  3. Lovely! Our Hitty’s are painted, we will start assembling them this weekend, I can’t wait to sew their dresses. Thanks for the Hitty inspiration.

  4. Hitty Jean looks very well rested and happy. Maybe a trip to Hawaii is what we all need. The room looks lovely. So many neat items–was Hitty Jean shopping?

  5. What fun! I hope you will share pictures when you are finished!

  6. Hawaii??! Lets go! Who’s footing the bill?

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