Happy Birthday, Hitty!

Miss VanDroo and the Hittys are having a quiet celebration today, beginning with a reading of the Birthday Doll and ending with some birthday cake.  Happy Birthday, Mehitabel Preble!


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Hitty!”

  1. That is amazing I just finished my doll today!! So she has the same Birthday as the original! I finished sewing the lace on her pantaloons just a few minutes ago, I will post photos as soon as my daughter finishes hers. It is also amazing that our friend’s Birthday is today as well and she loves Hitty.

  2. That IS amazing!! I cant wait to see pictures!!!
    All my Hittys consider today their birthdays…it makes things MUCH easier! LOL!
    Take Care!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog quite by accident as I recover from a nasty medical adventure and I LOVE IT! How very imaginative and utterly charming. The story of Hitty is as charming as you are, and I am wondering now if I might make one myself. Thank you for sharing via your blog. I will stop by often. Sending you a smile today, and abundant thanks, Sharyn Sowell

  4. Oh Dear!!! A very belated Happy Birthday to all the Hittys. The date has now I been noted and will not be forgotten. I promise!

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