A Visit With Hitty

.:it has become frigid outdoors, so the Hittys have donned their cozy flannels.  doll play and chit-chat, coupled with hot chocolate breaks – that's what the Hittys will be doing this weekend.  humans, too, I expect:. 


4 Responses to “A Visit With Hitty”

  1. Your Hittys all look so cozy today! What an adorable photo ;o) Hope all of you and the pups are toasty too ;o))))

  2. We started a 4 degrees! Brrr! Now we are at a balmy 22. LOL!!
    The pups were playing next door, but now I think they are happy to be inside. Their little tummies get COLD!!! Hope yours are doing well!!
    Take Care!!!
    To: hittygirls@hotmail.com

  3. Have I ever missed popping in for a visit…it’s always so warm and inviting at your “place!” Hope the Hittys
    (and humans) had a lovely weekend.

  4. Flannel is perfect for this cold weather. Its even cold in Florida right now. Brrr.
    Sunny State Hittys

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