.:plenty of knitting hats and the like for Tater, as she is preparing for winter camp in a couple weeks.  I am tiring rapidly of this colorway, but she chose it, so that's that:.


2 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. That is a very beautiful blue , but it might be tiring on the eyes to knit up .
    You need to rest them occasionally , baking something delicious and watching one of Dassa’s films .

  2. Hi I pottered by because I noticed you enjoyed the post about my evil whippet, Sassy! What a glorious find your blog is – I love your photos espcilally of the dogs in the park with your children – it sets me in mind of a poem which I will look up and post.
    The Sassy, the EBJ, is very flattered by your attention but it still didn’t stop her from eating all the hand-made chocolate out of the crystal bowl which had been put there for a dinner party! Strangely she seems to suffer no side effects from her gluttony!

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