A Spell of Quiet…

Hello, there!
Easter is coming soon, soon…and I find my mind full of all the fun things that this time of year means to me and my family.
We had a lovely Spring Breakfast this past Saturday morning:
Sadly, by Saturday evening, I was knocked down.  By yesterday, I was on the mend, but the littles were hit hard.  Today they are on the mend, happily watching a movie and eating saltines together.  Dassa found it thrilling to be sent home sick from school.  I found the entire ordeal a bit overwhelming.  But, we're here feeling better and a spell of quiet is always a good thing in my book.
The weather has become rainy once again, creating a soft and cosy light indoors.  
Perfect for a day like today.
And when we're all better, Spring will still be here to enjoy to its fullest…


3 Responses to “A Spell of Quiet…”

  1. Oh , poor things ! There seem to be more viruses around this March than usual . Perhaps the long winter has dragged us down a little .
    Look after yourselves and enjoy a rest .

  2. It does seem as if everyone is down with something this time of year…and this dreary rain isn’t helping to raise the spirits any either. Loved the idea of your spring breakfast and will have to try to remember that next year. Best of all, however, was a glimpse at that sweet quilt! Looks to be full of “feedsack” prints and perfect for cuddling up with! Hope all are well soon, natalie jo

  3. Such a sweet family, what rotten luck to be ‘knocked down’. Hope you’re all recovered by now. I’m always so in awe of your varied activities, what busy bees you all are. Eli x

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