A Wintery Mix

How appropriate that the mitten pattern I am working on right now is named "Wintery Mix Mitts" while outdoors, we have just that.  Drizzle…a bit of snow…and back again to drizzle.
While I knit away (and do lots and lots of laundry), the storm that has taken hold of every member of the family is slowly subsiding.  Phew! 
I'm looking forward to a fun and healthy weekend.


3 Responses to “A Wintery Mix”

  1. I’m glad to see that you’ve all returned to the land of the living !
    Have a lovely , cosy weekend …. preferably with sun !

  2. Did you have the stomach thing? I have it right now and feel pretty wretched. I wish I could expel it in some way, but it seems to just want to sit in my midsection and cause me pain, if it were not moving around, I might think it was a kidney stone.
    Anyway, hope you’re all feeling better soon!
    And by the way, what is with this wintery mix anyway, didn’t they know that it is officially spring…it is supposed to be a spring mix.
    Erin 🙂

  3. Nothing worse than all feeling sick and under the weather – spring must be round the corner and then outside sunshine and bouncing! Roll on summer…

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