Dassa is unwell…again.  My poor baby.  What started as a sore throat has developed into a sore throat and fever.  She is home on the couch today.  (Didn't she just do this?  Cripes – I hope it isn't strep!)  Anyway….between nursing little Dassa and doing laundry, I have been quilting up a small cushion (more like a cover) for our computer chair.  Now it looks a bit less tatty than before.  But little wee Dassa – she looks quite a bit tatty.
And now, back to my nursing duties…


2 Responses to “Feverish”

  1. Poor little girl. I hope that she feels better soon. Your cover looks great.

  2. Poor Dassa ! I think we’re all feeling the results of this very long winter . Being cosy at home with you for a couple of days is the best cure .

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