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It was such a beautiful day.  Dassa's enthusiasm for her seventh birthday was so infectious we were all as excited as she was.  Oh, the torture of trying to fall asleep the night before…  And the look on her face when she sat bolt upright in bed upon hearing me singing "Happy Birthday" that morning.  She twirled out the door, danced onto the bus.  My day was spent creating a cake – by special request – that turned out so sweet, and delicious to boot.  Filling the house with that special cake baking smell…  I spent many a reflective moment outdoors.  Imagine my baby turning seven!  The scent of lilacs filled the air, and I heard the year's first Orioles.  Even the weather was special, with storm clouds above a shining sun.  One of my favorite skies.  The cake was sheer perfection, just as Dassa and I had envisioned.  And the birthday dinner table was filled with special request foods, such as tofu and homemade bread.  Oh, my, but seven is grand and seven is magical.

And if your Pawbee spoils you on your birthday, and you have "Ruthie" to take to school the next day, seven is really off to a good start.


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