So, so much HEAT and HUMIDITY…heat waves really bring me to a screeching halt.  It's been above 90 for days – we even topped 100 a couple days ago.  We do not have air conditioning and we (mostly me) suffer.  The saving grace this week has been that Tater and Pit~Pat are busy, busy.  That means that I can drive them hither and yon and enjoy my car's air conditioning.  Pretty sad, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 


Alice doesn't seem amused either, but lots of frozen water bottles to lay on and plenty of water in her dish have kept her more comfortable…we hope!


My front garden looks like dried hay…but the Zinnias are still alive, despite a few wilty afternoons.  I do believe many of my perennials won't make it through this heat.  Alas…

My camera croaked a few days ago, so no 4th of July pictures…I borrowed Tater's…it doesn't work…I begged another one off of *someone*…which means that I can take pictures of Pitter and Zeke at their last day of camp – they have had a ball and I am looking forward to writing about it!

So…something to look forward to, as I sit here, sweaty as can be, feeling sorry for myself and wondering *how* I am going to save this summer and pretend I'm having fun…

.:a really good thunderstorm would help:.  

One Response to “~Heatwave~”

  1. I’m going out for the day tomorrow somewhere rather nice and did so hope to be able to look reasonably smart .
    I’ve resigned myself to looking redfaced and crumpled instead !
    But at least we’re not in fur coats like Alice .

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