I have had deams of being a Farmer as long as I can remember.  With all the house-hunting going on, I long for our new house to have that coveted 1/2 acre-plus our town requires in order to keep chickens.  In the meantime, I got myself a rabbit.  What?!  You thought that Alice was the girls' bunny?  Ha!  I lovingly refer to her as my "Livestock" and fantasize that I am a *Real* Farmer each morning as I feed and water her.
"Good Morning, Alice!":


Rabbit poop is wonderful fertilizer and being that it isn't a "hot" manure, you can apply it directly to your soil without burning your plants.  To produce said manure, Alice enjoys nibbling Wood Sorel and Crabgrass – though in moderation.  Too much can give her a tummyache, I've been told:


Alice does not care for the Blackberries that grow all around the perimeter of our garden.  Too bad…


Her favorite is a small piece of banana.  She looks forward to it each morning.  The kind farmer I bought her from said to treat it all – fruit and greens – like candy.
"Munch, munch…yum!  Nibble…":


Well, the farm chores are done for now.  Dassa was my helper today – and it's so much fun have her play along with my Farm fantasy.  We were *both* Farmers this morning:


.:See you later, Alice.  Farmer Dassa's been invited to go swimming:.

2 Responses to “*Livestock*”

  1. I too have farm dreams.
    Looks like you are heading in the right direction.

  2. I’m always going on at Hugo about getting a rabbit, but I know Douglas would be insanely jealous, so I don’t do anything like go and buy a rabbit. Alice is beautiful! You lucky thing, to have your own rabbit. Hope she becomes more cuddly, that photo of her before she scratched you is adorable, she’s a beauty. I’m so pleased you’re all enjoying the books, thank you so much. Love Vanessa xxx

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