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First Day :: Seventh Grade

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What a difference a year makes!!  Pitter is really looking forward to Seventh Grade.  We count our blessings every day that we live in a time and place where there is a choice of public schools (good ones at that…) and that we have found the perfect place for her.  She has changed so much in a year.  When I dropped her off this morning, she hopped out of the car, happy to go and join her friends at her school – which she loves so much.

And that is really good for a Mama's peace of mind.


Last Hurrah

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It's *Back to School* for Pitter tomorrow, and Tater and Dassa start the next day.  We had an end of Summer swim today at Pawbee's pool.
And below, another photo from today.  Tater's first day as teaching assistant in Dassa's class.  Dassa is thrilled about that!  (Aren't my Karate Girls cute?)




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A busy day yesterday…a sleepless night last night…tomorrow is looking to be crazy-busy.  The mood around here could best be described as *fragile*…
It's all good…and we're working towards our goal as a family, so what could be better?

Granny *Bump*

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It's a start…

Tater Made Breakfast…

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…and presented her sister with this:


Then, we went on a tour of the High School.  I cannot believe that is where Tater will be in just eight short days!

I Thought We Were Ready For “School Mode”

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Not yet…


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