It's all systems go for Goldfishing!  T wants some for his pond, and we have too many.  We have our nets, we have our pondwater.  Now it's time for action!


We sit in the heat and wait…and wait…


The waiting is the hard part.  "Don't Worry!" I exclaim.  "Be Patient!" I encourage.   "They will swim to the running water and we will scoop them up!"



As we sweat, the frogs, nice and cool in their Lily Pad Cabanas, laugh…and laugh…and laugh at us!

We spent hours trying, but we caught none.
Goldfish are smart little buggers.


5 Responses to “Goldfishing”

  1. Looks as if T and Dassa had a lot of patience. So sorry that they didn’t get one goldfish. I bet that you had two disappointed children on your hands.

  2. TC Vollum Says:

    Such is the life of a fisherman.
    What a lovely green pond. The frogs look QUITE happy.

  3. Perhaps if you were make a short promotional film extolling the opportunities for a young ambitious fish in T’s pond and screen it underwater ?
    No , maybe not .( I may have seen Nemo once too many )

  4. All that endless patience! Thank heavens it was blissfully warm..what better thing to do on a lovely sunny day!

  5. It sounds like an enjoyable way to spend a few hours nonetheless.
    What beautiful photos of the frogs – fun to see them tucked up under the lily pads.

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