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When You’re Feeling Low

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Pat a Bunny…


Marvel at the Sunset…




Sewing Machines, Woods and Birthdays too ♥

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My new Bernina is fantastic – I made a cover for a chair – the squares are all properly aligned!!  Imagine!!   (Thank you, Alicia, for the wonderful pattern!) 
This machine can even make teeny-tiny gathers for teeny-tiny dresses!  What fun!


Can you spot Zeke and Dassa above?  Zeke is missing his best friend so very much, so we took him to the woods to play…he loved it!  (So did we…the woods are such a lovely place to re-center, yes?)


I made certain that Dan's annual birthday pie request was not forgotten in the midst of all the chaos of weeks past.  It came out pretty, and delicious.  We celebrated Dan in Grand Style.



And to finish, a poem, written by Sweet Dassa, for Dan and me on our birthdays:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Birthdays are Fun,
And I Love You.


Harvest Moon

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First thing this morning, I was reminded how much I am getting to love my new camera. 

A Simple White Hat

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That was Tater's request.  (So very different from Dassa's – I love that about sisters!)  And it turns out that knitting a simple white hat is very soothing.  Just exactly what I needed while my heart tries to mend.


Photos of Basset puppies help too…they are the cutest!  No, I'm not considering one, thankyouverymuch.

Sweet Clover Meadow

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Constantly at my side, my pal, the "Best Bad Basset" I ever knew.
She died yesterday, hit by a car.  She lived large, she died quickly.
We miss her so much.  Tears won't stop.

What Is It About Hats?

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I have a love affair with wooly hats.  Once I get on a hat kick, there's no stopping me.  So quick to knit and fun to make.  Dassa chose her yarn (oh, how I love this yarn) and the style…the finished product gets *two thumbs up*


We have named her hat "Autumn Sunset."  (Yes, hats need names.  Didn't you know?)


A Short Visit

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To a magical place, where the mail carrier delivers goodies at breakfast time…


My mother and I had a wonderful visit, and it went way too fast.
Thanks, friends!  Hope to see you again SOON!