Pit-Pat’s Bliss

When you adore something for years, and finally, you get to come face-to-face with the subject of your affections, it is an amazing thing.  Look how happy Pit-Pat is!


Irish Wolfhounds!  In the flesh!  It was a mutual affection:


It got even better!  Pitter got to walk the 4 month old puppy!




And no, there will be no Irish Wolfhounds coming to live with us.  We already have one, in miniature…see, this photo below could be Zeke, right?


Amazingly, that guy up there is Zeke times three.  What sweet, gentle dogs they are.  I am looking forward to visiting Pit-Pat one day (when she has her own home) and playing with her Irish Wolfhound.


2 Responses to “Pit-Pat’s Bliss”

  1. What makes you think she’ll stop at one ?! Judging by her expression , she’s found HER dog .

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