Sewing Machines, Woods and Birthdays too ♥




My new Bernina is fantastic – I made a cover for a chair – the squares are all properly aligned!!  Imagine!!   (Thank you, Alicia, for the wonderful pattern!) 
This machine can even make teeny-tiny gathers for teeny-tiny dresses!  What fun!


Can you spot Zeke and Dassa above?  Zeke is missing his best friend so very much, so we took him to the woods to play…he loved it!  (So did we…the woods are such a lovely place to re-center, yes?)


I made certain that Dan's annual birthday pie request was not forgotten in the midst of all the chaos of weeks past.  It came out pretty, and delicious.  We celebrated Dan in Grand Style.



And to finish, a poem, written by Sweet Dassa, for Dan and me on our birthdays:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Birthdays are Fun,
And I Love You.



2 Responses to “Sewing Machines, Woods and Birthdays too ♥”

  1. I was so happy to spy your blog link over Flutterby Patch way! For some reason I couldn’t get through to your site for ages and I missed following all your adventures. Love, love, love your new chair pads…you did a fantastic job on them! Hope you have lots of fun making teeny tiny gathers with your new machine.
    All my best,
    natalie jo

  2. Well , it’s surely not just the Bernina whipping up these lovely things .
    I think you were definitely involved somehow ! And the maker of that delicious birthday pie .

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