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Halloween, and We Find Ourselves…

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…in the woods!


Dassa, Pitter, Zeke and I, that is…


We found a couple of Letterboxes, Zeke ran himself silly, and we enjoyed the beauty of the woods on a perfect Autumn Day.
Now…for tonight I believe there will be a ghost in the house…no, wait…a prairie girl…no, wait another moment….it's…

…a Cat!!  I think…(Dassa cannot make up her mind!)

Time to get busy carving pumpkins and handing out treats!  Our last Halloween in this spot…ah, sweet nostalgia…



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In a month's time, we will be gone from this place we have called home for so long.  For the girls, it is the only place they have ever called home.  In our garden, we know every tree, every flower, every weed…In the busy-ness of this transition, it feels so important to me to remember to take it all in…Above, I see the Walnut tree, one of the few left on this once Walnut-Tree-Laden hill, and I see our first Christmas Tree, planted many Springs ago.  The leaves are about at their peak now.  How will we know when Autumn is over?  I have always told the girls that when the leaves are off the trees, Autumn is over.  This year, I give Dassa the same answer to a different question:
When will we finally move, Momma?
When the leaves are off the trees…

A Week in Review :: Random

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Old View, above…
New View, below…


A Yellow Belt for Dassa (strep, too…):


Another project, to store table linens, perhaps?  (Or, more realistically, yarn):


The last of the roses blooming at the "Old" house (with dreams of the same type at the "New" house):


A beautiful, beautiful moon.  So beautiful, we had to pull off the road and enjoy it for a spell:


It is important to remember to stop and breathe during this busy, moving-home time…but some things have had to give.  Such as the annual visit to the pumpkin patch…(What??  Halloween is in a week?!?)  But the girls had success at the farm stand just as well:


The floors at the *New* house have been (almost completely) sanded.  Cause for celebration, indeed!!!


Conversation with Dan:
Me:People just look at me like I'm crazy when I say we wanted a smaller house.
Dan:I don't even bother.  I just say we wanted a different house.
Me:(mutters to self) Well, I can't imagine why people don't get it…

Conversation with Zeke and Jax:
Me:You can walk right out the door and into the woods at our new house!!
Zeke:Roo, roo!!!
Jax:Got any cookies??

Conversation with Pitter:
Me:Once our things are in the new house and it's all cosy and your Momma is baking in the kitchen, you'll love it.
Pitter:Only if we can get a third dog…
Me:(inward groan…)

Conversation with Tater:
Tater:Can you drive me to the bus stop?  Please?  I'll never make it!
Me:When we move, your bus stop will be right at the corner.
Me:Double Yay!

Week’s End

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Finished one long term project:


Began another:


Yippee!  We finally found the house of our dreams!

Off The Needles

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Okay…so I began this project ages ago, when I first began knitting for Hitty and was sure that Koigu yarn was my one and only.  Well, times have changed, I've graduated from sock to lace weight yarn, and the Koigu stash isn't going to be the monstrosity I had originally imagined.  Basically, what started as a Koigu Scrap Blanket finished up as a Koigu Scrap Scarf.   And I love it.  Now…maybe a blanket made with worsted weight yarn scraps?  Yes…that could work…




Good: I'm off to plant some bulbs!
Not As Good: I'm cleaning the oven and my house stinks!

Out With The Old…In With The New

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…or something like that!
With a little help from the dentist, Dassa has a new look!
Last Night:




Dassa has also confirmed what I have always known to be true:
Thinking about having teeth pulled is much worse than the actual event.

Week’s End

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.:home from a two-dog walk::a fresh batch of laundry soap::a fresh batch of cookies::another beautiful autumn sunset::bathing beauty::painted shells on the dinner table:.