A Week in Review :: Random


Old View, above…
New View, below…


A Yellow Belt for Dassa (strep, too…):


Another project, to store table linens, perhaps?  (Or, more realistically, yarn):


The last of the roses blooming at the "Old" house (with dreams of the same type at the "New" house):


A beautiful, beautiful moon.  So beautiful, we had to pull off the road and enjoy it for a spell:


It is important to remember to stop and breathe during this busy, moving-home time…but some things have had to give.  Such as the annual visit to the pumpkin patch…(What??  Halloween is in a week?!?)  But the girls had success at the farm stand just as well:


The floors at the *New* house have been (almost completely) sanded.  Cause for celebration, indeed!!!


Conversation with Dan:
Me:People just look at me like I'm crazy when I say we wanted a smaller house.
Dan:I don't even bother.  I just say we wanted a different house.
Me:(mutters to self) Well, I can't imagine why people don't get it…

Conversation with Zeke and Jax:
Me:You can walk right out the door and into the woods at our new house!!
Zeke:Roo, roo!!!
Jax:Got any cookies??

Conversation with Pitter:
Me:Once our things are in the new house and it's all cosy and your Momma is baking in the kitchen, you'll love it.
Pitter:Only if we can get a third dog…
Me:(inward groan…)

Conversation with Tater:
Tater:Can you drive me to the bus stop?  Please?  I'll never make it!
Me:When we move, your bus stop will be right at the corner.
Me:Double Yay!


2 Responses to “A Week in Review :: Random”

  1. flutterby patch Says:

    I know those conversations well!! We wouldn’t be without them would we? All the best for lots of happy memorable times in the new abode.

  2. Your new home looks lovely! I foresee some cosy fires in the winter 🙂

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