In a month's time, we will be gone from this place we have called home for so long.  For the girls, it is the only place they have ever called home.  In our garden, we know every tree, every flower, every weed…In the busy-ness of this transition, it feels so important to me to remember to take it all in…Above, I see the Walnut tree, one of the few left on this once Walnut-Tree-Laden hill, and I see our first Christmas Tree, planted many Springs ago.  The leaves are about at their peak now.  How will we know when Autumn is over?  I have always told the girls that when the leaves are off the trees, Autumn is over.  This year, I give Dassa the same answer to a different question:
When will we finally move, Momma?
When the leaves are off the trees…


2 Responses to “Today”

  1. flutterby patch Says:

    What a lovely picture and one I’m sure you’ll look at in years to come with very fond memories. By the time you are in the new house surrounded by all your familiar stuff it will feel like home. Sounds like its in a great position. We are also surrounded by woodland, lovely in all seasons but watch out for those deer ticks! They are on the increase here and plague us all.

  2. I think we had too much rain for there to have been a clear peak to our leaf color this year. Martha, I am so excited to hear about your new home! What fun!

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