Halloween, and We Find Ourselves…

…in the woods!


Dassa, Pitter, Zeke and I, that is…


We found a couple of Letterboxes, Zeke ran himself silly, and we enjoyed the beauty of the woods on a perfect Autumn Day.
Now…for tonight I believe there will be a ghost in the house…no, wait…a prairie girl…no, wait another moment….it's…

…a Cat!!  I think…(Dassa cannot make up her mind!)

Time to get busy carving pumpkins and handing out treats!  Our last Halloween in this spot…ah, sweet nostalgia…


3 Responses to “Halloween, and We Find Ourselves…”

  1. Three year old grandson has a cat mask …. but said rather huffily , when I admired it , “It may look like a cat but I’m really a dinosaur”.

  2. Happy Halloween!

  3. If you even acquired pumpkins this year, you were doing better than me.
    We had a Halloween filled with the most excruciating Teen-age Girl Drama yet. It kind of ruined the whole weekend.
    Everyone looks darling and Oh! that Medusa is just beautiful!

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