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Little Ladies and Stuff

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Dassa is having her first day at her new school.  Right now!  Oh, to be a fly on the wall!  She was very excited this morning, but also reported having *butterflies*.
In other news…Pitter went to her close friend's Bat Mitzvah (a week ago!) and looked beautiful and grown up:


AND….I finally found the dining room table underneath all the boxes and stuff:


It's a start…


Turkey Sighting!!

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Out my back window! 
This has made my day.


Because I Don’t Want To Forget

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I'm already calling this weekend the "Awful Weekend" – you know, low expectations mean it will typically be better than all that…right??
It's that time of being in the new house, yet with still oh, so much work to do at the old house.  Basically, I want to be here, unpacking and settling in, but I must be there, cleaning and throwing out – and packing up the dregs of a place I called home for the better part of twenty years.  Yikes.
But last weekend was what we dubbed the "Big Move" – and it was full of misadventure we can now laugh about.  Such as:

  • lost keys = inconvenient car-juggling
  • "Oil?  Who called the oil company?" = cold house
  • dead battery in U-Haul = three hours lost
  • upset dogs = sad, yet silly, yet sad
  • brother-in-law = no-show = alas…
  • scary picture of bird on side of truck = conversation piece

And would you believe, we all managed to stay calm throughout?  Really, we did.  Without Dan's friend B to help, we never could have done it.  We owe him big time.


Above…Dining table, old house :: boxes start to arrive :: Jax decides the best way to cope is to curl up in a ball and watch with one eye :: Tater crashed yesterday.  At 6:20 she asked if it was too early to go to bed ::

Not So Good: My Bad Attitude about this weekend
Good, Yet Cause For Pause: Howling Coyotes!
Really, Really Good: Our first *real* dinner together in the new house:


Missing the Most: Sunsets at the old house:


Funny: My three girls spent hours together creating advertisements for imaginary lipstick companies our first Sunday night here.  It was really fun.  Here's an ad:


They hung them all over the house.  It started to look, and feel, like home.


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Have I Mentioned My Love Of Children’s Picture Books?

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Well, that's about half of them….and then there are the baskets and baskets that I donated to the library book sale.  I love them.

In other news, I've had my first *Moving Casualty* – was bound to happen, yes?


Good: I'm finished moving (for today.)
Not So Good: I will never be finished laundry, on any day.

Empty House Sleepover

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All along, I have promised Tater and Pitter a sleepover in the empty house…and last night was the last chance before some furniture starts heading in.  So we did it.  (And I'm so glad we did.)  Pitter and her friends spent the evening eating popcorn, hanging out in every empty closet they could find.  (The new house has nice closets.)  Tater and her friends made up games, polished nails, ate pizza and chatted the evening away.  Despite my best efforts to keep Dassa upstairs with me, she managed to spend a good bit of time with the big girls, who didn't seem to mind a bit.  So sweet. Surprisingly, we all got a decent amount of sleep.  This morning, more games, bagels, and giggles.

Happy memories.


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It's been a day off for the girls.  With the impending move creating many overbooked days/weeks in our future, I cornered each girl separately this morning, asking them what their ideal day might be.  The result?  A day spent exploring the trails by our new house, mixed with lunch out and a bit of shopping for good measure.
An *ideal* day.

Good: We are HOME for the rest of the day.
Not So Good: Tater just saw dinner defrosting and asked what the "gross brown stuff" is.