Empty House Sleepover

All along, I have promised Tater and Pitter a sleepover in the empty house…and last night was the last chance before some furniture starts heading in.  So we did it.  (And I'm so glad we did.)  Pitter and her friends spent the evening eating popcorn, hanging out in every empty closet they could find.  (The new house has nice closets.)  Tater and her friends made up games, polished nails, ate pizza and chatted the evening away.  Despite my best efforts to keep Dassa upstairs with me, she managed to spend a good bit of time with the big girls, who didn't seem to mind a bit.  So sweet. Surprisingly, we all got a decent amount of sleep.  This morning, more games, bagels, and giggles.

Happy memories.


2 Responses to “Empty House Sleepover”

  1. flutterby patch Says:

    Sounds like a great way for the girls to introduce themeselves to the new house and vice versa. I hope the house was impressed with the new owners and their friends!

  2. Great idea !
    Who won the card game ? Hitty?

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