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A Bust All Around…

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Christmas Eve…the calm before the storm.  Seiously, it all seemed so…calm.  Just right.  Okay, except the niggling thoughts about Pitter and the kitten, (who we named Cosy, because he is!) who were sleeping in the bathtub around the time this was taken.  That should have been my first clue that all was NOT calm.  Sleeping issues caused by a kitten?  Ummm…

Anyway, that takes me to the photo below.  The only photo of my girls, or anyone for that matter, that I took all day.  And since, in the photo, they are being told that I must take it before any presents are opened, of course only the most cooperative temperment can handle the pressure and smile simultaneously.


Enter two rounds of stomach flu.  Within an hour of each other.  At my mom's house.  As the turkey dinner is roasting away.  I'm sure I looked like a deer in headlights about that time.

Well, we all fell victim to that loveliness eventually, my mom included.  (My dad is the last holdout.  I'm keeping a good thought, Bopps!)

And the Kitten.  Oh, Cosy, I love you so.  The girls love you.  Jax tolerates you.  Even Dan is tolerating you well.  But Zeke.  Sweet Zeke is very enthusiastic about Cosy.  He is exuberant.  He exuberantly wants to devour the scrumptious little guy.  Now.

We have worked on him, staying calm, setting limits, separating, allowing sniffing, read everything we can online, talked to the kitten *lady*.  Sadly, I fear for Cosy's life.  And that's not a good way to live.  For Pete's sake, everyone should feel safe (and hopefully comfortable, yes?) in their own home.  So Cosy goes back to the kitten *lady* tomorrow morning.

Will Pit-Pat ever speak to me again?



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Cosy here…(I'm the *sweet* kitten you see in the picture…)
Just stopping by to let you know that Santa brought a bit more than presents.  Everyone has the stomach flu – it's really snuggly here, but I wish they would stay put!  There's also 18 inches of fresh snow on the ground.
And Zeke still wants to eat me, but I'm doing my best to grow quickly!!!
That's all for now…

An Early Christmas Present

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Christmas Eve

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Right Now…

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.:cookies baked::tree in stand, undecorated, smelling divine::gifts wrapped::dassa home and cute::snow on the ground::carols on the radio:.

Dream View

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I have been anticipating watching the snow fall in the woods behind this house.  It is every bit as beautiful as I had hoped.

Good: Walking in the woods today with the pups and…
Christmas Cookies!
Not So Good: Too Many Christmas Cookies!

Week’s End

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