Find Your Passion

These are words I say to my girls rather often.  It is important to me that they do find their passion, and as a parent, I try to fuel it as best I can.  That is not to say that I have them in umpteen after-school activities, because I do not.  They are allowed ONE activity, plus scouts, if even that much.  Dan and I try to listen very closely to them when they ask to participate in something.  Is it a halfhearted, mildly interested request, or is it a consistent, passionate plea?  We let them *want* to do something for a rather long time before we sign them up, as the *wanting* can make the *doing* so much more fulfilling once it begins.  Usually, though, the wants quickly fade away and they are interested in something else.  Those are the times (and they are more common than not) that we are so relieved we didn't blow several hundred dollars on some activity that would be a battle to attend each week.


Pitter's passion has been DOGS for a very long time now.  We talked about how to pursue this for quite a while.  I mean, aside from acquiring umpteen dogs, where can this lead?  We discussed obedience and agility training, we discussed the ins and outs of dog shows, and the ups and downs of volunteering at shelters…I searched on-line for a good many hours for just the right program.  In the end, we signed her up for agility training.  She loves it!  Zeke, while not a superstar, loves it too.  It's great fun to watch, and Pitter looks forward to thursday nights like nobody's business.  Where is it all going?  Who knows, but we sure are enjoying the ride.


2 Responses to “Find Your Passion”

  1. You’re so right !
    And , having waited for it , Pitter obviously loves it and has an inborne talent .
    Love her new hairdo !

  2. Looks as if you and Zeke are having a great time. We are so happy that he is getting along as well as he is with the agility. Must be because he has such a great trainer!!

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