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This Past Weekend Was:

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Playdates for Dassa:


Puppy Love for Pitter (and those of us lucky enough to come along in the car to pick her up):


Tater and I had a nice time driving about dropping off and picking up sisters…a nice time for a chat.  We stopped by the market and bought some pretty bulbs to brighten the kitchen windowsill.

Good: Dan bought a new (used) car!
Not So Good: Where are we going to put the 20 inches of snow we are expecting this week??!!


Buried In Snow…

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Yup….try getting out that door.  Not happening.  Well, the situation is much less dire on the front of the house, and we can leave if we want to.  But why leave when there's so much to do inside?



It’s Rather Snowy Here

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We have had several more inches of snow since this photo was taken.  It flurried and squalled on and off all day today.  More to come tonight.  I'm hoping for another Snow Day!



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I had a few witty, inspiring things to post…but a nasty 'ol cold has stopped me in my tracks.  While I convalesce, why not hop on over and Visit With Hitty – Hitty Jean is having company!

Seven Inches Shape The Day

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Yep…another seven inches of snow fell!  Which means no school for the girls, no yoga for me.  Cabin Fever is setting in amongst the girls.  The sight of the big girls on their i-touches is beginning to get on my nerves.  While part of me longs for one of my own, another piece of me is certain they are rotting their brains.  But I won't harp on that too much here….what I will go on about is the beautiful views from virtually every window of this new house:


The brick hearth I'm constructing for the Hittys – so pleased with it!!!


For the first time in my life I have an Amaryllis that is a repeat bloomer!!!  FOUR flowers on the second stalk:


I think there is a heated discussion going on in the Hitty House:


One of us is ever-hopeful:


Speaking of hope…I'm hoping to turn certain cases of cabin fever into something more positive.  We're plowed in until Dan gets home tonight whether it pleases us or not!!  (It pleases me very much!!)

My Heart’s In My Throat…

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You know…I debated with Dan whether or not we should keep Dassa home from school today.  In my humble opinion, the Superintendent made a bad call not cancelling school.  I sent Dassa, despite my reservations.  Now I wish I hadn't…do school buses have All-Wheel-Drive?  I don't think so…
Tater and Pit-Pat are home today (T=Midterms, P=Migraine) so I can focus all my worrying on Dassa.  If you worry enough, the thing you are worrying about turns out fine, which means Dassa will return home safe and sound.

Then I'll worry more about Pitter's migraine.  A Mother's work is never done!

Week’s End

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.:A holiday weekend and our world is covered in snow::Dassa hosted a *Tiny Tea* at Pawbee's house.  (Silly Pit~Pat thought everything was too small, no matter how much we exclaimed, "It's a tiny tea!!")::The candles at the *Tiny Tea* were very pretty::Tater is studying for midterms::All I do is drive, drive, drive.  Seems like it, anyway:.