Snow Day!





.:We knew last night that school was cancelled today.  (I love that!)  The storm did not disappoint – we woke to a Winter Wonderland and it hasn't let up.  I've heard word that we are approaching two feet!  Wow!::My only requirement for the girls today was that they make a Snowman.  Well, freezing winds with sideways snow is not much fun, so Dassa appeased me with a paper Snow-Family::In the past 24 hours, we have made many meals and snacks, including – Miso Soup, Pound Cake, Granola, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pizza Dough, and soon – some actual pizza::Dassa has cookie dough on her nose – busted!!::An emergency phone call was placed to Pawbee.  It seems that all three girls want to inherit the cookie dough spoon.  I only ever use it to put the dough on the sheets - Pawbee saved labels from napkins or some such thing to get it.  She had two, and gave me one when I got married.  I love that spoon:.


One Response to “Snow Day!”

  1. What a busy day! I love the snow family. Those cookies look good. Save one for me!

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