My Heart’s In My Throat…


You know…I debated with Dan whether or not we should keep Dassa home from school today.  In my humble opinion, the Superintendent made a bad call not cancelling school.  I sent Dassa, despite my reservations.  Now I wish I hadn't…do school buses have All-Wheel-Drive?  I don't think so…
Tater and Pit-Pat are home today (T=Midterms, P=Migraine) so I can focus all my worrying on Dassa.  If you worry enough, the thing you are worrying about turns out fine, which means Dassa will return home safe and sound.

Then I'll worry more about Pitter's migraine.  A Mother's work is never done!


2 Responses to “My Heart’s In My Throat…”

  1. We were canceled, but it was my opinion that they could have made the decision last night with the forecast an all. Will they call an early day? If not, go out there and get her. I think you are going to get hit harder than we were. But then again, I am sure she will be okay. They drive those buses in worse weather than I will drive and I think they are mostly safer in a bus than in a car. Hope that helps!
    Love the Hittys baking…you have such cute stuff. Love the toadstools. I just ordered some cute toadstooly valentine paraphenalia for Weathertop.

  2. I’m the same . All mothers are!
    Hope she got home safe and sound , if a little chilly , and you could warm her up quickly with a large cocoa with marshmallows .
    Poor Pitter , migraines are wretched and cocoa’s no help at all , just rest .
    Have a good weekend !

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