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On Valentine’s Day…

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…I turned the camera over to the girls.  Dan and I teamed up to make a pizza dinner:


Dassa was in charge of table decorations:


The verdict?  Mama Lombardo's Pizza is the "Best Pizza Ever" – endorsed by not one, but all three girls.  It was a St. Valentine's Day miracle!

Good: So cold, but lots of Sunshine today.
Really Super Good: Dassa is home with me this afternoon.
Good to Know: Chocolate Milkshakes help 7 year-olds recover from blood tests pretty well.  Kisses help, too.  ☺


Week’s End

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This weekend was…
A Pancake Breakfast at Dassa's School:


Lots and Lots of knitting this:


Snow (ice) play for Dassa at a friend's house:


Coffee in my new favorite cups:


Love letters from my babies:


An ipod loving pixie:


Hot water bottles…and looking forward to Valentine's Day:


On The Bright Side…

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…we won't have to clean gutters on the back of the house come Spring!


Week’s End

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Color!  We are color-deprived.  All is gray and white here.  Except I must say the sky is a beautiful blue today and there is lots of dripping and melting.  YAY!!! 
There's some color on the kitchen windowsill:


In the cabinets:


On my needles:


Meanwhile, it seems Dassa is looking forward to March:


Not So Good: A Washing Machine that drains onto the basement floor.
Good: A very handy husband!

More Of The Same

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I had to laugh when I went back and read my blog…January is All Snow, All The Time…
And Ice.  Let's keep the theme going then, yes?  (snore…)
Here's this morning's view:


Seriously, things aren't dull around here.  The view of yesterday's icicles looks a bit different today:


That's an upstairs window, btw.


We have ice dams…but then again, everyone around these parts does.  It's perfectly normal to drive down the road and see house after house with humans on the roof shoveling snow.  Not that I've driven much lately.  Today was the first day since Monday that I drove anywhere.  Had to free my car from its ice coccoon first.  And to get out of the driveway?  Well, first I back up to the end, then I get out of the car and look down the street.  When there are absolutely no cars coming, I leap back into the car and back up with my fingers crossed and my heart in my chest.

The ceiling in the mudroom is dripping…same for the downstairs bathroom.  This is all new for us, since our previous house was insulated and ventilated properly.  Ice dams…big fun.

Good: Lots of finished knitting.  This one still needs to be blocked to make the edging all pretty and flat:


This one is around my neck right now – not keen on the color, but it is soooo soft and warm:


Not So Good: Sick Dassa
Really Not So Good: More Sleet/Snow/Ice on its way

Word of the Day::Ice

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Getting a lot of knitting done…Dassa is asking me to bake cookies.  Looks like school will be closed again tomorrow.  I am loving the look of our country road covered in snow.