Week’s End

Color!  We are color-deprived.  All is gray and white here.  Except I must say the sky is a beautiful blue today and there is lots of dripping and melting.  YAY!!! 
There's some color on the kitchen windowsill:


In the cabinets:


On my needles:


Meanwhile, it seems Dassa is looking forward to March:


Not So Good: A Washing Machine that drains onto the basement floor.
Good: A very handy husband!


3 Responses to “Week’s End”

  1. Handy husbands: not to be overlooked! Love the colour so very important at this time of year!

  2. Those plates are really lovely !
    And Dassa’s leprechaun would be welcomed with open arms here , where washing machine has definitely just breathed its last .

  3. flutterbypatch Says:

    Well Dassa, your art work never fails to amuse and amaze me. Keep it up. Ever thought of printing Dassa’s work on greetings cards Martha? They’d certainly be more entertaing than the ones in specialist card shops. She could have her own Etsy shop!!

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