Hello There!!!


It's been a while…
We've been busy wrapping up February and diving into March!  A few highlights:


Above, a fifteenth birthday for Tates!  Fifteen!
Below, an Orange belt for Dassa.  So special to have her sister as one of the testing Senseis.  I just adore the expression on Dassa's face – she is so very proud of her accomplishment.  ♥


A visit to see GG – with Pawbee and Boppa.  GG will be 104 in June.  Whoa…


A scarf has been frogged.  I washed the yarn and wound it back into some beautiful skeins of loveliness that will be knit into a *better* scarf someday soon:


Still making weekly treks to agility training with Pitter.  She and Zeke love it so:


We have done quite a bit of babysitting…it's great fun for Dassa (and often Pit-Pat as well), and I usually get in quite a bit of knitting.  One babysitting day, we caught a glimpse of a friend through the trees:


So onward we skip through March!  The snow is melting, the birds are singing…I can't wait for the unfolding of our first Spring in this new house.

Good: Birds singing!
Not So Good: A niggling kidney stone…
Super-Duper-Amazingly Good: Dassa has been in Richmond with her Pawbee for a week, and she'll be home in about an hour's time.  I can't wait to hug my sweet baby girl!


3 Responses to “Hello There!!!”

  1. flutterbypatch Says:

    Fabulous. Glad all is skipping along so sweetly in your new woodland retreat.

  2. Isn’t it lovely to feel at last that it won’t always be dark . There have been a couple of months when it seemed as though we’d crossed into some Sci-Fi Eternal Winter mode !
    I used to love going to stay with my grandmother , too , as a child and was always spoilt there but coming home afterwards was the best bit .
    Hope the kidney stone stops niggling !

  3. Thank you for catching up with my blog, lovely to visit your home life too, how fantastic that
    GG is reaching 104, I hope she has a lovely birthday, I bet she has so any interesting tales on life to tell.
    Best wishes

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