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So pleased…I have made eight hexagons for my crocheted blanket – my first ever project using my newly acquired skill.  Yet while I am pleased, progress has stalled.  It seems that one of the yarns suggested by one of the yarn store ladies is throwing my gauge off.  Phooey.  No biggie….I'll use the yarn for something else, and go back for more of the right type.  So what to do with the few *too small* hexes???  Well, I guess that will have to work itself out.


And the tiny quilt is coming along nicely!  See it up there??

Dassa has made progress also.  In the Karate department, she has just acquired her purple belt.  It was well deserved, as she worked hard for it.  (It does help to live with a Sister who is also a Sensei.)


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Snip, Snip, Snip

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That is the sound my tiny scissors have been making as I tack teeny tiny fabric squares to teeny tiny pieces of paper.  They look like this:


It was a *How To* that sparked all this cutting, snipping and tacking.  I've been at it for a couple weeks now…


I've been arranging the squares in different patterns, trying to see what looks best.  In the end, I do believe a random layout is my preference.  Hopefully, in a couple weeks more, I will have a quilt for the Hittys…
Thank you, Sonata, for the inspiration!!

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Growing Girls…

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Spring is whizzing by here…it's just incredible how busy this family of five has been.  We did take a break in April, to travel to NYC together.  All of us!  It was grand to be together in one place for four days.  We did tons of walking.  Tons!!  And saw the sights:


It wasn't all fun and games though.  This is what things look like after walking too many miles in NYC with improper footgear:


The girls are growing so, so much.  It is like time-lapse photography.  I swear they grow right before my eyes.  Tater, we believe, is turning into a young Jodie Foster:


And that sweet Dassa!  She turned eight!  Eight!  Just a couple weeks ago.  How time flies:


Pitter is blossoming as well.  If she would let me take a picture of her, I would show you how lovely she is.  Agility is still her *thing* – and she remains obsessed with dogs.  It's been two years, so I'm thinking Pitter has found her passion, yes?  Here she is with Zekie:


Alas, I have yet to get a clear picture of the two of them in class.  Perhaps when we move things outdoors…
In other news, Tater ran track this spring, shaving minutes off her time for the two-mile race:


Tater's *thing* continues to be karate.  She and Dassa both got to participate in the Demo Team for their Dojo this spring.  Dassa was a (nervous) last minute add on, and she rallied, with a smile on her face.  Here is a video of Tater the Ninja.  (Dassa is the sweetpea in the background with the orange belt.)

Good: A handyman brother-in-law who is working at our house right now!
Not-So-Good: A big 'ol laundry pile…and very little motivation to conquer it.  Sigh…
Silliness: The pictures I find on my camera after Pit~Pat has borrowed it:


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All Is Well…

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…and Spring has sprung!

Good: Zeke and Jax finally have a fence!
Not-So-Good: $65 to fill the gas tank last week!
Super-Duper-Good: I learned to crochet!