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…On Vacation

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We’re off to *Parts Unknown* for a week on our annual “Girls Only” vacation…

Be back soon!



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Oh, how I adore rain!!  There’s a steady rain right now, pit-pattering on the skylights.  It’s such a relief, since we have just been through a heatwave.  If only there could be a spot or two of thunder, I would declare this weather absolutely perfect.  ☺

And while I’m being so *positive* – we are having a ball with all the wildlife sightings out here in the country.  Just the other morning, Dassa, Pitter and I spotted a fox.  A fox!!  Today, it was these sweet twin babies on the walking trail by our house:

Still cruising along on the crocheted hexagons…only a few more to go!

Progress Report!

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The hexagons are coming along nicely!!  I am soooo close to that 39th I can almost see the finish line!   So today I went to the local yarn store and we figured out how much I would need for the background color and joining.  Boy…I’m sure glad I had help with that!  I figured I’d need six, maybe eight, or even ten skeins!!  Nope.  Only two – and that’s with extra, I am assured!  Yippee!!!

The other project, the miniature quilt (link to the tutorial) I made….well…let’s just say that finishing was the hard part.  I couldn’t figure out how to finish it in a way that looked nice.  In the end…I do love it as a rug, and I may add fringe.  The process was great fun – I’m sure I’ll make another, and that it will be put to use as a quilt next time!!

And with all the yarn scraps I have leftover from the Hexagon blanket?  Well, this is my plan!

Good: The weekend is*almost* here!
Not So Good: I’m melting in this heat!
Super-Duper Really Good: Bermuda in one week!!!!!!



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It has been hot….what better way to beat the heat than in an air conditioned room full of trampolines?!
Okay, truthfully, I can think of many ways I would prefer to beat the heat, but Karate Camp was jumping yesterday and I was a chaperone.  This was my best picture.  All the ones of Tater were blurry…So a bouncing Dassa it is!!!  She is looking oh, so very eight these days!

Good: Central Air that keeps the house around 80 degress (It’s better than nothing, eh?!)
Not So Good: No Bikram in over a week!
Really Super Good: Turkeys wandering the neighborhood!

Oh, My Gosh!!!

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Pitter is THIRTEEN!

It happened a week ago!!!  We only just got around to eating her cake – no candle, even.  But the Birthday Girl was cheery and the cake was…melty!  (It has been rather hot!)

There was also a dog show last week….Pitter and Zeke were a joy to watch!  Zeke is such a happy guy:

Isn’t is so wonderful, as a parent, to watch your child doing something they are passionate about?  I am so happy when I see Pitter doing what she loves:

Zeke and Pitter make a pretty good team:

Photo of Victorious Zeke by Pitter

And so, this week finds me driving another hour round-trip to take Pit~Pat to the Aggie camp.  No Zeke this week, but that’s okay.  He’s resting up for the next adventure.  And in the meantime, Karate Camp is also in full swing.  I’m driving today, so I really must go.  I do believe I am going to register my van as an official schoolbus!

Good: The cicadas in the trees.  I just love that sound!
Not So Good: Driving all over the place – almost 2 tanks of gas in a week.
Super Good: Next week is 100% free of plans!


Today I Am…

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…going to Pitter’s agility show at camp.

…enjoying a cloudless sky and very low humidity.

…washing the Winter Woolens – albeit a bit late.

…feeling tired, but happy and productive for a change.

…thinking about how on Earth to get this new house organized and decorated.

…going to Bikram at 5pm and looking forward to it oh, so much.


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Off To Camp