Oh, My Gosh!!!

Pitter is THIRTEEN!

It happened a week ago!!!  We only just got around to eating her cake – no candle, even.  But the Birthday Girl was cheery and the cake was…melty!  (It has been rather hot!)

There was also a dog show last week….Pitter and Zeke were a joy to watch!  Zeke is such a happy guy:

Isn’t is so wonderful, as a parent, to watch your child doing something they are passionate about?  I am so happy when I see Pitter doing what she loves:

Zeke and Pitter make a pretty good team:

Photo of Victorious Zeke by Pitter

And so, this week finds me driving another hour round-trip to take Pit~Pat to the Aggie camp.  No Zeke this week, but that’s okay.  He’s resting up for the next adventure.  And in the meantime, Karate Camp is also in full swing.  I’m driving today, so I really must go.  I do believe I am going to register my van as an official schoolbus!

Good: The cicadas in the trees.  I just love that sound!
Not So Good: Driving all over the place – almost 2 tanks of gas in a week.
Super Good: Next week is 100% free of plans!



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