Progress Report!

The hexagons are coming along nicely!!  I am soooo close to that 39th I can almost see the finish line!   So today I went to the local yarn store and we figured out how much I would need for the background color and joining.  Boy…I’m sure glad I had help with that!  I figured I’d need six, maybe eight, or even ten skeins!!  Nope.  Only two – and that’s with extra, I am assured!  Yippee!!!

The other project, the miniature quilt (link to the tutorial) I made….well…let’s just say that finishing was the hard part.  I couldn’t figure out how to finish it in a way that looked nice.  In the end…I do love it as a rug, and I may add fringe.  The process was great fun – I’m sure I’ll make another, and that it will be put to use as a quilt next time!!

And with all the yarn scraps I have leftover from the Hexagon blanket?  Well, this is my plan!

Good: The weekend is*almost* here!
Not So Good: I’m melting in this heat!
Super-Duper Really Good: Bermuda in one week!!!!!!



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