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Tater and I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in the kitchen, preparing the *Family Back to School Banquet*
Everyone had a request…there was Ceasar Salad, Tofu, Quiche, and Apple Pie…and we discussed our theme for the school year.  (I totally copied NieNie with that star and the theme…love it!  Thanks, Nie!)  We had a good time coming up with examples of what the theme means.  Some silly, some serious.  It was awesome.  Dinner was delicious, and the schoolgirls all retired to bed happy, enthusiastic, and well fed.

We are looking forward to a memorable school year!

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First Day…

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Tenth Grade, above…
Third Grade, below…

My babies are growing….

Everyone got off to school this morning, happy and enthusiastic.  So nice on the first day (second for Pitter) of school.  Can’t wait to hear the tales when they get home!

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First Day, Eighth Grade

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Pit~Pat turned into a teenager overnight.  Literally and Figuratively…
I ♥Her

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My kitchen this morning….
When I went to bed last night, I had it all neat and tidy.
Apparenty, when 15 and 13 year olds get together for a sleepover, it is imperative to do all this:

*Share new school schedules – then leave them on the kitchen counter
*Pop lots of popcorn – leave kernels on counter
*Bake brownies at midnight – leave dishes on counter and bowls in sink

Well, I am off to clean.  I was going to insist that the girls clean it up, but I’m a pushover today.

Later: Haircuts!  Yay!!
Later Still: I’m going to be cracking on those hexagons.  I need to finish that blanket sooooooon!
Even Later: It’s agility night…

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Barney’s Joy

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To get to Barney’s Joy, you must first drive through several pastures, complete with cows.  Unlock a gate, and drive a bit more until you see the dunes.  Everyone enjoyed their day in paradise…one of the last days of summer.
We’re trying to make the most of these days…and the weather has certainly cooperated, with warm, sunny days and cool nights.
We could use another month, but the calendar is only offering us another week.  Really?!?  Sigh…

Good: Another Beautiful Day!
Not So Good: Not Enough Pawbee These Days.
Really Quite Good: VERY good news from a friend and her husband!!

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There’s a place on our street where the turtles cross.  Some more successfully than others.  We need a sign, I think.  You know, the kind that say *Turtle Crossing* in big letters – with a big cute turtle in the center.  The bigger the sign, the better.
Anyway…we rescued this one…and decided, after much debate, to relocate her.  (Yes, in fact it is a she…’cause we say so!)

We took a walk along the road behind ‘T’s’ house – a quiet road in the woods that is more driveway than street.
Past the empty mansion:

Turtle was not amused:

But we brought her to the big, beautiful lake…in the middle of the woods.  Where, although we are sure other dangers exist, there are no cars.  That’s a good thing when you are a turtle!

Turtle’s head   s  l  o  w  l  y   peeked out…and then *plop!*  she was gone.

Good: Beach Tomorrow!
Very Good: Turtle Rescue!
Not So Very Good: Hexagon Blanket Too Small.  Must Make 11 More Hexagons…

Summer Weekending…

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*Wildlife* above…a newly created Terrarium below…

Tater is working hard on her Summer reading:

Not Good: The heat is back…
Good: Rain in the forecast!  Fingers crossed!
Super Duper Good: Finishing a couple projects around the house…

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