Before :: After

And with a few exceptions -which you can see there on the stairs, all is done!  Put away, washed, donated!  Yippee!
I always wanted a mudroom.  Living in New England, I find them to be a necessity.  The fact that this new house has one put me over the moon.  Until the hooks fell off the wall and everything fell on the floor.  I think we were all so overwhelmed with the mess, it all just sat there.  And sat there…sigh.  Today, I tackled the space.  Surprisingly, everything fits in the closet (on the left there) though I expect that to change when we bust out the winter coats and such.  This room desperately needs new flooring and a fresh coat of paint!!  Even scrubbed, the floor is…eeeeeeeew!

Good:Rain Today! ♥
Not So Good:Mosquitoes in the bedroom…
Extra Especially Good:The afghan is coming together splendidly!

‘Til Next Time…


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