There’s a place on our street where the turtles cross.  Some more successfully than others.  We need a sign, I think.  You know, the kind that say *Turtle Crossing* in big letters – with a big cute turtle in the center.  The bigger the sign, the better.
Anyway…we rescued this one…and decided, after much debate, to relocate her.  (Yes, in fact it is a she…’cause we say so!)

We took a walk along the road behind ‘T’s’ house – a quiet road in the woods that is more driveway than street.
Past the empty mansion:

Turtle was not amused:

But we brought her to the big, beautiful lake…in the middle of the woods.  Where, although we are sure other dangers exist, there are no cars.  That’s a good thing when you are a turtle!

Turtle’s head   s  l  o  w  l  y   peeked out…and then *plop!*  she was gone.

Good: Beach Tomorrow!
Very Good: Turtle Rescue!
Not So Very Good: Hexagon Blanket Too Small.  Must Make 11 More Hexagons…


One Response to “Rescue!”

  1. Nancy H. Hall Says:

    Hi Martha:
    Glad your Mom gave me your new blog address. It’s nice to see all the fun things and projects you are involved in – your girls are growing up so fast. Since I don’t see you often – it’s nice to see how you all are doing.
    Aunt Nancy (yikes that makes me feel old) – but I am!

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