And I’ve Crossed the Finish Line…

Fourteen Gnomes…done and done!!  Yahoo!  Now I can go back to the Hexagon Blanket with no worries, and that is a wonderful feeling!
Dassa and I were hit with a lousy cold virus last week, feeling so very icky…but I knit on and I am so very glad I did!!!  (We’re all better and back to normal now…thanks for asking!)

I even sent some of the recipients a photo, I was so excited.  But I hope the surprise isn’t ruined, ’cause their photo looks like this:

Yep…that should keep them guessing, all but the sneakiest…she’ll figure it out for sure!

Good:  All’s quiet…house is feeling more like home these days…
Not So Good: The heat!  Where did Fall go?!
Super Duper Good: My morning walk with Zeke…it’s long, it’s peaceful, it’s in the country.  We see turkeys.  ♥

Isn’t that a great shot of Zekie?  Pitter took it with her iTouch the other day…needless to say they were practicing agility…

‘Til Next Time…


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