Goings On…

The Hexagon Blanket is finished!!!  I am thrilled to have completed my first crocheted project!!  It was four months of learning and colors…some I like more than others!

Hooking up a cushion cover now…courtesy of Attic24’s pattern.  (Thank you oodles, Lucy!):

Dassa has a new swing and new glasses…both are enriching her life!

Other happenings:

*A Blue Belt for Dassa, who tested last week…
*More Turtles being rescued…it’s a thankless job…
*Getting Ready…for a big trip next week…just Me and my Mom, going to meet friends and have lots of fun!

Good: Beautiful, Cooler, Drier, Autumny Weather!
Bad: 90 degree weather at next week’s destination!
Ugly: All the laundry that must get done before I go!

‘Til Next Time…


One Response to “Goings On…”

  1. I love your blog! Thanks for finding me – I can see we have the same inspiration in Attic 24. Your crochet is so beautiful and your home area and family look stunning. I cannot find a way to join you – do you not have a place for followers? Greetings from London and Annabelle. xx

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