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A Wild Place…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24, 2012 by Hitty Jean

It has rained for the past two days…delightful!  Today is sunny and windy and cool…perfect weather for:

Crochet?  Well, maybe later…Today, I am keen to explore an abandoned garden out back.
Last Fall, Dan and I pulled up a few surly vines that had overgrown the place, and a few weeds here and there.  We could tell it had been a beautiful flower garden at one point, but with years of neglect, it had become nothing but an overgrown mess.  But during a downpour last Sunday, I was gazing out my kitchen window at this overgrown mess and I was sure I could see Lilacs.  Lilacs?!  There weren’t any Lilacs there last Spring, were there?  It was raining hard, so I grabbed the camera and zoomed in through the window:

Those sure do look like Lilacs!!!  Yippeeeeeeeee!!!  I just love Lilacs!
So today I am exploring…Here it is, the Wild Place:

A mess.  And last year, what with having just moved in and all, I really never had any time or energy to pay attention.  Sure, I knew it had been a garden at one time, but any of its potential had quickly disappeared once Spring was in full swing.  It was “The Weed Patch” and that was that.  But those Lilacs have spurred me on.  And what else have I discovered today?
Perhaps some Iris:

Peonies – three plants – and one has buds!!  Wonder what variety they are?!  I bet they haven’t bloomed in ages:

And of course I can’t forget to mention the Lilacs:

I am so excited about this – I can’t stop thinking about The Secret Garden.  This is just like it!  (Except for the *secret* part…but I’m not good with those, anyway…)
Today, I am pulling weeds from around the *good* plants.  This weekend, I’m hoping Dan and I can tackle the larger stuff – more surly vines – and get this garden back in bloom.  I am so excited to have flowers around me again!!

Good: Flowers!
Not So Good: Weeds!!
Super-Duper-Amazingly Good: Flowers!!!

‘Til Next Time…


On this gray day…

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Our Crabapple tree has *popped* – a beautiful oldie we inherited when we bought the house.  I’ll admit, when we first moved in, it looked dead, with a few yellow-brown leaves on it.  And very haunted house-ish with its abundance of spindly branches.  I didn’t like that tree, and felt it embodied all things depressing.  Imagine my delight last spring when it bloomed!  And now we are on our second spring in our *Cottage* house and the Crabapple Tree has put on its finest to celebrate this weekend – Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (yesterday) and Earth Day (today.)

Today we are expecting plenty of rain…
While we need the rain (and I do love a rainy day!), I expect that the flowers will not be quite so beautiful when all is said and done.
It was therefore necessary for me to run outside this morning in my pj’s and photograph the Crabapple’s splendor before the rain got down to business.
My family may think I am a bit daft, but it is so important to keep a sense of wonder, isn’t it?

Good: A rainy Sunday for crocheting and putzing..
Not So good: Loads and loads of laundry needing washing…
Super-Duper Good: Pitter is home from California – the family is under one roof again.

‘Til Next Time…

I love when…

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…the UPS truck stops by my house!

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Stuff ‘n Such

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A long weekend due to Patriot’s Day…Pit~Pat is with a friend in California – it’s true!  She’s having a ball!  Here she is with Zeke before she left:

We miss her so much – she will be back at midnight friday.  I expect her to be a bear on Saturday – jet lag and all…

Today was crazy-summer-warm outside.  Tater and I sat outside for a while…she read some catalogs, I knit a bit.  I loving my current project so, so much!

Hoping to finish soon…it’s more than halfway…

Tater and Dassa enjoyed the swing for a bit, but it was so hot and sunny:

Had a yummy Mexican dinner out, then home to take the dogs for a quick walk on the woods trail.  Spring peepers, bluets, sunset and general woodsy beauty.

Good: Planning a flower garden
Not so good: too hot too soon…
Super Duper Amazing: See Below – this cabinet brings me joy!

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Hello There!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2012 by Hitty Jean

It’s Easter weekend…We’re hoping to have Pawbee and Boppa over for brunch tomorrow before heading over to dinner at Mémé and Pépé’s house for Easter dinner with Dan’s family.  I say *hoping* because it seems that Dassa has woken up this morning with a tummyache.  Typical…
Yesterday, Dassa and I made a great Easter Egg Coloring Team – three dozen colorful eggs dyed.  Tater and Pit~Pat were not at all interested…but they were otherwise occupied upstairs with some entertaining computer stuff.  Those two laugh together like nobody’s business – I am so grateful that they get along so well!!!

Tater turned 16 (sixteen!!!) on Leap Day!!!  No driving yet, but I’m thinking it won’t be long…

Tater has had a rough year of it healthwise…she became very ill, and very thin – we had quite a scare.  The amazing thing is that she took gluten out of her diet, and she is a new person six months later!!  Her birthday cake up there is a gluten-free clafoutis.  We have discovered many good recipes out there for gluten-free that the entire family enjoys.  More on that another time, perhaps?

Pit~Pat has changed so much – she has grown into a lovely young lady seemingly overnight!  For Christmas, all she wanted was contact lenses.  (Wish granted.)  She still takes Zeke to agility every week:

Zekie will do anything to regain posession of that 2×4 stick Pitter is holding.  It’s his fave.  Not good when he brings it in the house, though…splinters…gah!

It has been an interesting adjustment to this new little cottagey house of ours.  I mourned our old house in an unexpectedly intense way, though I love this new house so much.  I think I’m through to the other side now, and ready to start nagging Dan about some flower beds and other improvements.  We finally got the attic insulation completed – Dan spent months filling holes and making repairs.  The grand finale was two weekends of blowing insulation in – picture me running the hopper….for hours and hours…while prying insulation from 25 pound bags.  It was not the most fun, but it is done!!  I did give the girls this advice though: “If ever you are dating a man and you find out he is handy…RUN the other way!!”  (I didn’t mean it though – I was exhausted and covered head to toe in insulation!)  Seriously, though, we got this house for so much under budget, I did expect contractors. But Dan is Dan – he wants to do it himself.  This will be a longer project than I expected.  !!!  But it will be beautiful when he’s done.  In ten years.

Happy Easter!

‘Til Next Time…