Hello There!

It’s Easter weekend…We’re hoping to have Pawbee and Boppa over for brunch tomorrow before heading over to dinner at Mémé and Pépé’s house for Easter dinner with Dan’s family.  I say *hoping* because it seems that Dassa has woken up this morning with a tummyache.  Typical…
Yesterday, Dassa and I made a great Easter Egg Coloring Team – three dozen colorful eggs dyed.  Tater and Pit~Pat were not at all interested…but they were otherwise occupied upstairs with some entertaining computer stuff.  Those two laugh together like nobody’s business – I am so grateful that they get along so well!!!

Tater turned 16 (sixteen!!!) on Leap Day!!!  No driving yet, but I’m thinking it won’t be long…

Tater has had a rough year of it healthwise…she became very ill, and very thin – we had quite a scare.  The amazing thing is that she took gluten out of her diet, and she is a new person six months later!!  Her birthday cake up there is a gluten-free clafoutis.  We have discovered many good recipes out there for gluten-free that the entire family enjoys.  More on that another time, perhaps?

Pit~Pat has changed so much – she has grown into a lovely young lady seemingly overnight!  For Christmas, all she wanted was contact lenses.  (Wish granted.)  She still takes Zeke to agility every week:

Zekie will do anything to regain posession of that 2×4 stick Pitter is holding.  It’s his fave.  Not good when he brings it in the house, though…splinters…gah!

It has been an interesting adjustment to this new little cottagey house of ours.  I mourned our old house in an unexpectedly intense way, though I love this new house so much.  I think I’m through to the other side now, and ready to start nagging Dan about some flower beds and other improvements.  We finally got the attic insulation completed – Dan spent months filling holes and making repairs.  The grand finale was two weekends of blowing insulation in – picture me running the hopper….for hours and hours…while prying insulation from 25 pound bags.  It was not the most fun, but it is done!!  I did give the girls this advice though: “If ever you are dating a man and you find out he is handy…RUN the other way!!”  (I didn’t mean it though – I was exhausted and covered head to toe in insulation!)  Seriously, though, we got this house for so much under budget, I did expect contractors. But Dan is Dan – he wants to do it himself.  This will be a longer project than I expected.  !!!  But it will be beautiful when he’s done.  In ten years.

Happy Easter!

‘Til Next Time…


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  1. Oh my goodness Martha am I slow or what?! I just re-found your blog after missing it for so long! What a treat and I must say I so love the new name. Should be cooking dinner now but had to comment after seeing your reference to Tater’s year…..sounds ever so similar to my daughter Dale’s experience. Eighth grade found her thin to the point she was suspected of an eatting disorder, extremely tired, frequently absent, moody, and sick after most meals….life was not fun. Her chart actually had “failure to thrive” on it. Doctor’s and school thought anxiety and depression was at the root but we saw how miserable she was physically on a daily basis. A friend recommended removing gluten as a means of easing her lactose issues (something she’s had all her life.) Not only did it help with that but her whole being seemed to come back to life. For several months at least, but then the doctors’ wanted to test for celiac so she was back on gluten for the most miserable 12 weeks ever. Her tests came back negative and although she was told there was no reason for her not to eat gluten, she herself refuses it. It’s six months later now and she is a thriving, active fifteen year old. She’s gained weight, grown a bit (although hoping for more), and not been sick a day all winter or spring! Life is good…..

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