Stuff ‘n Such

A long weekend due to Patriot’s Day…Pit~Pat is with a friend in California – it’s true!  She’s having a ball!  Here she is with Zeke before she left:

We miss her so much – she will be back at midnight friday.  I expect her to be a bear on Saturday – jet lag and all…

Today was crazy-summer-warm outside.  Tater and I sat outside for a while…she read some catalogs, I knit a bit.  I loving my current project so, so much!

Hoping to finish soon…it’s more than halfway…

Tater and Dassa enjoyed the swing for a bit, but it was so hot and sunny:

Had a yummy Mexican dinner out, then home to take the dogs for a quick walk on the woods trail.  Spring peepers, bluets, sunset and general woodsy beauty.

Good: Planning a flower garden
Not so good: too hot too soon…
Super Duper Amazing: See Below – this cabinet brings me joy!

‘Til Next Time…


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