A Wild Place…

It has rained for the past two days…delightful!  Today is sunny and windy and cool…perfect weather for:

Crochet?  Well, maybe later…Today, I am keen to explore an abandoned garden out back.
Last Fall, Dan and I pulled up a few surly vines that had overgrown the place, and a few weeds here and there.  We could tell it had been a beautiful flower garden at one point, but with years of neglect, it had become nothing but an overgrown mess.  But during a downpour last Sunday, I was gazing out my kitchen window at this overgrown mess and I was sure I could see Lilacs.  Lilacs?!  There weren’t any Lilacs there last Spring, were there?  It was raining hard, so I grabbed the camera and zoomed in through the window:

Those sure do look like Lilacs!!!  Yippeeeeeeeee!!!  I just love Lilacs!
So today I am exploring…Here it is, the Wild Place:

A mess.  And last year, what with having just moved in and all, I really never had any time or energy to pay attention.  Sure, I knew it had been a garden at one time, but any of its potential had quickly disappeared once Spring was in full swing.  It was “The Weed Patch” and that was that.  But those Lilacs have spurred me on.  And what else have I discovered today?
Perhaps some Iris:

Peonies – three plants – and one has buds!!  Wonder what variety they are?!  I bet they haven’t bloomed in ages:

And of course I can’t forget to mention the Lilacs:

I am so excited about this – I can’t stop thinking about The Secret Garden.  This is just like it!  (Except for the *secret* part…but I’m not good with those, anyway…)
Today, I am pulling weeds from around the *good* plants.  This weekend, I’m hoping Dan and I can tackle the larger stuff – more surly vines – and get this garden back in bloom.  I am so excited to have flowers around me again!!

Good: Flowers!
Not So Good: Weeds!!
Super-Duper-Amazingly Good: Flowers!!!

‘Til Next Time…


One Response to “A Wild Place…”

  1. Hello Martha

    Thank you for visiting..Lilacs! oh my…I love them too but you dont get them here in South Africa. I have a yankee lilac candle and that smells heavenly. Enjoy the blooming of your garden today..

    Keep well
    Warm regards

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