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It has been raining…

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2012 by Hitty Jean

So, with a little help from Emma Bridgewater, I have brightened up my kitchen windowsill!

Good: Rain
Not so Good: Rain = Muddy/Dirty house
Super-Duper Amazingly Good: Peace and Quiet today

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Before, During…and…

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…during.  A work in progress:

Good: A swan’s nest on the way to school
Really Good: Cygnets!!

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Matthew Rice + Emma Bridgewater = ♥

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This morning…

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…I am watching the turkeys out my window.  I spotted Tom way off in the neighbor’s field, and was able to zoom in on him:

Turkeys are so funny, aren’t they?  He was all puffed up and spinning about, showing off for his lady:

She’s much smaller, and  has come up to the edge of my garden (yes!  garden!!) but that’s as far as she has come.  I was hoping she might scratch up the dirt for me, add some fertilizer, you know…But Mister came and fetched her – she started to leave but has defiantly come back…maybe this time she’ll make it as far as my garden.

Which now has transformed from this:

Into this:

Now to research *Deer Resistant* plants…

Good: Dreaming about a flower garden
Not So Good: 9 year olds having trouble with friends
Super – Duper Good: Turkeys!!!
Even Better:  Looking forward to hugging that 9 year old when she gets home

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…my baby is Nine.

Good: The day after her birthday = happy girl
Not So Good: 1 1/2 hour wait this morning for Passports
Super Extra Good: The cake is gone in less than 24 hours and it wasn’t me!!  (The girls loved it!)


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Today is…

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…May 4th!

♥Dassa turns Nine (9!) today.
♥I have been baking the requested Rainbow Cake all morning.
♥It is Gluten-Free.
♥I’m afraid no one will like it…except maybe Dan.
♥Having a nasty cold is not fun.
♥Especially on your baby’s 9th Birthday.
♥My Geraniums are blooming….

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