This morning…

…I am watching the turkeys out my window.  I spotted Tom way off in the neighbor’s field, and was able to zoom in on him:

Turkeys are so funny, aren’t they?  He was all puffed up and spinning about, showing off for his lady:

She’s much smaller, and  has come up to the edge of my garden (yes!  garden!!) but that’s as far as she has come.  I was hoping she might scratch up the dirt for me, add some fertilizer, you know…But Mister came and fetched her – she started to leave but has defiantly come back…maybe this time she’ll make it as far as my garden.

Which now has transformed from this:

Into this:

Now to research *Deer Resistant* plants…

Good: Dreaming about a flower garden
Not So Good: 9 year olds having trouble with friends
Super – Duper Good: Turkeys!!!
Even Better:  Looking forward to hugging that 9 year old when she gets home

‘Til Next Time…


One Response to “This morning…”

  1. Good morning Martha

    Your garden is looking lovely. Love the bird home.. happy Brirthday to your 9 year old. I have one too. Such a lovely dear sweet age isnt it. happy hugging~

    Warm regards

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